In the Garden

Gardeners on Nantucket are everywhere. They are so numerous, in fact, that they’ve become part of the island’s scenery, blending into car’s passing blur of trees and plants.  At Amy Pallenberg’s company, at first glance we are just another set of gardeners planting and pruning. Strangers who have dirt stains on their hands and cheeks Continue Reading

One of my favorite things about this time of year are the illustrious window boxes that dazzle Nantucket. Walking through downtown in the summer, one can not help but notice the beautiful window boxes that accentuate Nantucket buildings and businesses. Being a gardener, I am lucky enough to also work on maintaining window boxes that Continue Reading

For an avid gardener, the tiny miracles that appear throughout a day of gardening are so common place that I often find myself overlooking them. Quite often toiling in the garden can become more laborious than levitating, especially when I start treating planting a garden like a goal instead of a journey. As a practitioner Continue Reading

“Spring, my favorite time of year.  Everything is so fresh, breathing the spring air is so invigorating and inspiring, there’s nothing like it.  The gardens and natural vegetation begin to grow and flourish, renewed from the dormant winter.  It is a reminder that life is like spring, we embrace the quiet time and rejoice with Continue Reading